Automatic coach setup max strength adjusted preliminary

We just adjusted the maximum strength which the coach consideres improvable from belov 97 to below 95 for the next 4 weeks. This is a test to find out if the automatic coach setup (which by the way occurs in 0,2% of all matches and losses after coach setup are...Read More »

KiO World Cup Finals

Es ist geschafft! 63 Teams haben die World Cup Gruppenphase überstanden und sich heute für das große Finalturnier nächsten Samstag (16 Uhr) qualifiziert:

TFA Marcs Bierpatrioten
-BH- Boobonics
-GVV- FC Hillary
TFA SV Prösen
-GVV- FC Flummi 1909
-GVV- SV.mike the best
TFA Thunder Angel
TFF FC Südfriesland
JVP borussia baden
-GVV- Yin Yang 33
TRM Rumpelfuß
-BH- FC Agrippina Köln
TFA FC...Read More »

KiO World Cup Qualifier ended

The qualifiers are done! And here are the resulting groups for the next phase:

Group 1
-DE- Greifswalder SV 14
TFA Grobes Foulspiel
TFF Kipsdorfer Kickers
TRM Sohn Lotte
Group 2
-BH- Boobonics
TFA Marcs Bierpatrioten
TFF FC Döner jawull
-ZPP- BvB Lippstadt 09
Group 3
BMC Hounds of Hell
-GVV- Svænne Exercitus
-ZPP- Rathenow FC
Group 4
GER Münster 2016
TFA Thunder Angel
TFF...Read More »

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KiO Universe Cup
Play teams from around the world and fight for the KiO Universe Cup which takes place on next Saturday, 20:00 in Germany, which is 18:00 UTC, 11:00 PDT, 14:00 EDT. Qualifiers starting 12 hours before with 32 slots each. Results are displayed here.

This week’s KiO Universe Cup winner is:

Black - Pearl