Pack Special

From today until monday, midnight CEST, you get 3 free ruby for each pack purchase!
Have a great weekend!


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Tactical update

We’d like to notify you that we found deviations in the rock-paper-scissors stats in some constellations in tactical matches, with win ratios slightly below 90 percent, where 95 percent are expected. Due to this fact, we are going to adjust the rps parameters in tactical emphasis matches only to reach...Read More »

Hot Summer Cup

Today we are starting our summer event which is the HOT SUMMER CUP.

This tournament will be held with 4 participants in league mode with rematch. The winner gets a special collectible and a “sun” trophy. When the special is over (july 26th), the teams with the most suns get...Read More »

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KiO Universe Cup
Play teams from around the world and fight for the KiO Universe Cup which takes place on next Saturday, 20:00 in Germany, which is 18:00 UTC, 11:00 PDT, 14:00 EDT. Qualifiers starting 12 hours before with 32 slots each. Results are displayed here.

This week’s KiO Universe Cup winner is:

SV Prösen