KiO World Cup Qualifier ended

The qualifiers are done! And here are the resulting groups for the next phase:

Group 1
-DE- Greifswalder SV 14
TFA Grobes Foulspiel
TFF Kipsdorfer Kickers
TRM Sohn Lotte
Group 2
-BH- Boobonics
TFA Marcs Bierpatrioten
TFF FC Döner jawull
-ZPP- BvB Lippstadt 09
Group 3
BMC Hounds of Hell
-GVV- Svænne Exercitus
-ZPP- Rathenow FC
Group 4
GER Münster 2016
TFA Thunder Angel
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KiO World Cup starts july 7

As announced earlier, the KiO World Cup Qualifiers are going to start on July 7th.

Qualifier tournaments will be held each hour from 15:30 CEST to 22:30 CEST for 16 days. That’s 128 tournaments, and each tournament winner qualifies for one of 32 groups in the next round.

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All about KiO 10

Kick it out! 10.0 is scheduled for release on may 27th 2020 which is the 10th birthday of Kick it out! 1.0!

This article explains the changes in KiO 10.

Clan Master Cup

The Clan Master Cup is a totally new Clan tournament which is held each saturday at 19:00...Read More »

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KiO Universe Cup
Play teams from around the world and fight for the KiO Universe Cup which takes place on next Saturday, 20:00 in Germany, which is 18:00 UTC, 11:00 PDT, 14:00 EDT. Qualifiers starting 12 hours before with 32 slots each. Results are displayed here.

This week’s KiO Universe Cup winner is:

FC lützel 85