Changes To Clan Scoring Season 598

As you know, we have been thinking about changes to the clan scoring system for a very long time and can now announce a list of extensively discussed and well thought out changes that will come into effect for the upcoming season 598:

  • There will be seven different clan challenges in...Read More »

KiO boycotts Russia

We, Ludetis, protest against the Russian attack on Ukraine with a boycott. Even if this is partly symbolic, we declare our solidarity with Ukraine and underline the worldwide isolation into which the megalomaniac Putin has led his country through his barbaric attack. Measures that UEFA and FIFA cannot yet agree...Read More »

KiO Update 10.9 on feb 25th

Kick it out 10.9.1 will be released on Play Store on Feb 25th with the following new features:

  • New Friendly Lounge “Clan Duel”. In this lounge you’ll always play a team of a different clan. This is for now a TEST. If you like it, we will propably replace the disliked...Read More »

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KiO Universe Cup
Play teams from around the world and fight for the KiO Universe Cup which takes place on next Saturday, 20:00 in Germany, which is 18:00 UTC, 11:00 PDT, 14:00 EDT. Qualifiers starting 12 hours before with 32 slots each. Results are displayed here.

This week’s KiO Universe Cup winner is:

Rote Teufel Amateure