December Update

This is all about the new features the december update 10.3 will bring this weekend.

We are going to bring back the rewarded ad videos. That said, due to the minimal income it produces, we need to drastically cut down the rewards. You will get 1 new “video collectible” per consumed...Read More »

Fall Update 10.2

Kick it out! 10.2 will come on october 31st.

It will introduce the following improvements:

  • The counter ace specialists will be improved so that they are a good choice in 541/4231 formations, mostly even better than header formations (of course depending on opponent’s setup).
  • The clan challenge requirements will depend on the clan’s...Read More »

KiO 10.1 available

Check out the latest version of the game: It brings a new feature to gather ruby for free by watching rewarded ad videos. Open the promotions screen (for example by tapping the ruby display on the main screen) to start this option. We are introducing this explicitely as a test...Read More »

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KiO Universe Cup
Play teams from around the world and fight for the KiO Universe Cup which takes place on next Saturday, 20:00 in Germany, which is 18:00 UTC, 11:00 PDT, 14:00 EDT. Qualifiers starting 12 hours before with 32 slots each. Results are displayed here.

This week’s KiO Universe Cup winner is:

Black - Pearl