Rules change

Due to some indicents in the past considered unfair play by many users, we are going to introduce the following minor rules changes for next season:

Coach setup

The coach currently tries to improve your setup if it has strength below 97 AND 10% below the best strength possible (but not if you have team strength below 70). This only happened in league matches, but we are now extending this to Universe Cup, Galaxy Cup and Clan Cup matches.

Furthermore, as the coach setup often was not very good (ignoring specialists and such), we improved the coach’s algorithm a bit. This is of course not meant to support lazy managers, because any top manager will be able to set up a better squad especially for a given opponent, but a bad auto-setup honestly does not change the result of any match.

Organized tournaments

Recently we noticed that organized tournaments are held in huge numbers to solve the clan challenge “win x tournaments” quickly. Self organized tournaments are meant for fun, and not for simplifying challenges, so starting next season, organized tournaments stop counting towards that clan challenge.

Clan agent

As you know, we disabled all clan agents due to some kind of misuse. We reconsidered the whole feature and came to the conclusion that the clan agent is not a feature we absolutely need. As a consequence, we are going to remove all clan agents in the foreseeable future from all teams.

Future sight

We are aware of the fact that most these changes are concerning the clan features. Of course the clans are an important element of the game, that’s why we need to take care that they allow for a great and fair play oriented experience. That said, it’s a good thing that we are going to improve the clan elements in the planned KiO 10 large update: There will be a new weekly clan tournament which also smaller clans will have a chance to win, and we are going to add a “close clan item” which allows to remove a clan without members immediately. This currently is done manually, and on weeksends not fast enough if someone wants to remove his clan and join another one. And there will be more, so stay tuned!

And stay healthy!

New December Pack

On december 1st, we are going to bring a new pack.

The December Pack will contain the beloved worldstar player including a specialist training to make him the specialist you need. But the rest of the pack has been changed for this month: It contains no less than 33 presents!

To make this more interesting, we are changing the contents of all presents slightly. They will contain less wonder socks and among other stuff, even crystal balls, prolongations, boosts and player renames!

Note that this applies for all presents, even for those you might still have in your inventory. As you propably know, presents and surprise items used to contain the same items. This will now change! Surprises aren’t changed, only presents!

Starting on december 1st, you’ll also find our advent calendar in the ruby shop. You can activate it once a day until december 24th and it will give you a free item.

There will also be a minor KiO update later this month, about which we are going to inform you later.

Have a great advent time!

Special Week

Next week we’ll have a short week because thursday is Unity Day in Germany. Now, we said, let’s make a whole Special Week!

Starting today, we are having the Ruby Special, which means you get 3 free ruby for each pack purchase.

This is active until October, 7th, midnight CEST!

Furthermore, the new update is now active on server side, so top scorers in top leagues get the scorer cannon, also the luxury training center now can also produce specialists with the same (low) propability like the large training center. And bot matches are not counted anymore in the paper scissors rock statistics. That said, we again want to make clear that statistics make no sense if you have only a couple of matches. So, winning 4 matches and losing 1 is NOT equal to 80:20, it might just be a random deviation! The more matches, the better statistics become, more than 100 matches are optimal.

On oct 1st we are going to bring you the new Season Pack Autumn. It will contain mostly the same as the current pack, as this is quite well received. On oct 3rd we’ll but the 100% platinum specialist in the ruby shop. And on top of all that, we have a very close clan championship this weekend!

So, have a great time in the game!

Announcing the September Update

We are going to release the September Update of Kick it out next weekend (sept. 28).

The new version will mainly contain some technical changes needed to conform with changes by Google. Most are invisible for you, but for example there will be a nicer round icon on Android 9 devices.

But there are also some functional changes. Most notably, we are finally adding cannons for league top scorers.

You get one of those (with player name and goal count added) when one of your players is the top scorer of a premier league. Note that you keep this trophy even if the player who won it leaves your team.

Another improvement is an footer popup whenever you advance in a challenge, showing the percentage.

Also, by public demand, we improve the Luxury training center: It will also be able to generate specialists randomly during training, like the large training center did. You don’t need to do anything, as this is a server side change.

Furthermore, we are going to remove matches against bots from the match statistics.

The last change affects the Friendly Tour item. This will be removed from the game by end of this year, as it sometimes hangs, and we are not able to solve this with reasonable effort. Consequently, the item is removed from the shop, and a recycling option is added.

The update will be released next saturday, server side changes will go into effect on friday, enabling the scorer cannons for next season.

Weekend Special: Platinum Specialist Offer

This weekend (until monday midnight CEST), you find a rare offer in our premium shop: A 100% platinum specialist for only 49 ruby.

These players can reach max strength 91-99 (all values are equally likely), and have ages 21-24 and low initial strength, so they are talents you need to train a bit.

The propability for a 99 player is 1 of 9, the propability for a top platinum player (max 97-99) is 1 of 3, the propability for a SPECIFIC position/specialist combination is 1 of 22 (i.e. 1 of 22 players is a goalkeeper/cat), and thus the propability to get a top platinum (max 97-99) player of a specific specialist/position combination is 1 out of 66 (22 times 3).

We hope that you like what you get!

Pack Special

From today until monday, midnight CEST, you get 3 free ruby for each pack purchase!
Have a great weekend!


Tactical update

We’d like to notify you that we found deviations in the rock-paper-scissors stats in some constellations in tactical matches, with win ratios slightly below 90 percent, where 95 percent are expected. Due to this fact, we are going to adjust the rps parameters in tactical emphasis matches only to reach the desired statistics.

Hot Summer Cup

Today we are starting our summer event which is the HOT SUMMER CUP.

This tournament will be held with 4 participants in league mode with rematch. The winner gets a special collectible and a “sun” trophy. When the special is over (july 26th), the teams with the most suns get an extra reward!

Now go for the sun, have fun and a great summer!

KiO World Cup – Finals!

The KiO World Cup Final tournament will be held saturday, July 5, ~16 CEST! The tournament will show up in the list roughly one hour before. Make sure you join in time!

These 64 lucky teams will take part:

JVP starsontour1909
TFF FC Döner jawull
-BH- SG Schneifel
-GVV- FC Kölsch 1978
BMC Grün-Weiß Borgsdorf
JVP Bananenzupferl
-BH- FC Ballspiel F.C.
-BH- FC Normannia
-BH- FC Saufhemden
JVP CKC Green V.i.P.
-OBC- vazelos82
-GNA- Super Bumm 1904
JVP Yin Yang 33
TRM Torpedo Rostock I KB
TRM SVW Salzgitter
Thunder Angel
-BH- Mingolsheim
-GVV- Boobonics
TFF Fc Emdschi20
-BH- FC Rot Weiß Holzbein 1890
-GVV- Sylter Sport
-UA- Ayyildizspor 74
-GVV- Black n Yellow
1FC Augustin Kickers
-BH- Vorwärts Bayern
BMC Ronny Berlin
JVP SC Kickers United
-BH- Batlo Fc
-GVV- FC Hillary
JVP Königreich Der Hölle -MK-
TFF Kipsdorfer Kickers
TRM Merci FC
-BH- Finch der Grinch
BMC Kölle 1948
BMC The LAST Stylebander
BMC Rot Weiß Hechingen
-GVV- The DeVil InSide
-BH- Fc Beckingen
-BH- 1fc sambuca
-AG- Hoggars Swarte Fööt
BMC Biersportverein Berlin
TRM Moeschy
TRM Bauchredner 04
-DE- Bu-Pv FcB
TRM Baumi Fc
-GVV- Svænne Exercitus
TFF Borussia Burgermeister 1900
-BH- TSG Öhringen
TRM BlexenCity
JVP SportgemeinschaftDD
-GVV- BvB Lippstadt 09
JVP Dettum Footbawlerz
-AG- Münster 2016
-DE- Greifswalder SV 14
TRM Rumpelfuß
-GVV- FC Flummi 1909
-BH- FC Norden Kicker
fc klanta

The final tournament is played in elimination mode with rematch, the first round has 32 matches, second round 16, followed by quarter final, semi final and final matches. All rounds have rematch!

Good luck!

Updated misbehavior policies

Last weekend, we had to ban a user from our game because he threatened our community manager Manuel with violence. He was lucky that we did not hand this over to the police.

As the mood of many messages we received in the last months has changed in a way we believe to be inacceptable for interaction between humans, we decided to take action and modify our rules for misbehavior as follows:

  • Threatening leads to immediate lifetime ban.
  • Insulting and offensive words are considered as misbehavior, but also explicit language can now lead to warnings.
  • Libel and slander, spreading conspiracy theories (like: Ludetis manipulates matches in favor of specific teams or clans) are considered as misbehavior. (new)
  • Losing matches by intent is misbehavior as before.
  • Using multiple accounts to get a measurable advantage is misbehavior.

Misbehavior is followed by a yellow card shown in the team emblem for 6 months. But the card stays, it’s just invisible.

A second yellow card means yellow-red and leads to a ban for 15 days.

Another misbehavior during a temporary ban or severe misbehavior leads to lifetime ban.

A warning message will be added to the feedback screen in the Android app in the next update.

Please support us in keeping the game fair play and enjoyable for all of us, thank you!