KiO Week 410: September Update Preview

Time for another update preview! KiO 9.1 is scheduled for sept, 22.

This update features two changes, one of which is more or less game independent. And yellow.

What you see here is an improved version of the large parking deck (screenshot from a tablet). You will be able to upgrade it to a underground parking with tram station. The tram is of course animated, but the line is only active before a match (when the fans approach your stadium). This building has no further influence on the game, so no free items, no better players, no less sensations. It’s just a more modern building, so build it if you like and don’t if not.

The more important change affects crossings.

That’s right, we are going to do another very small change to the simulation. As with the last update which introduced the Hammer specialists, we are sure that this is a good thing for the game and will not brake any tactics or formations. The motivation for the change is that it does not matter how many crossing and header specialists you have, your opponent can stop them with just one defensive header specialist. So up to seven specialists are nearly completely countered by one. We think that this is not good balancing, so we are going to change it. Starting with the KiO 9.1 update, defensive headers will only stop a certain amount of crossings played. For most matchups, this will not change anything, as most opponents simply do not play that many crossings. Or you win anyway because of higher strength, morale or chosen formation.

But, given equal formations, strength and morale, and an opponent with many crossing and header specialists, you will need two defensive header specialists to stop as many crossings as now stopped with one. This is especially interesting for 343 vs. 343, because in 343 you have not the option to add a second Center Back header (def midfield headers are not counted as defense in this formation). So 343 will become vulnerable to 343 with many crossings. There is more to find out, but we can asure you that in most matches you will not experience any difference, as we did lots of tests. But if you like to try the new options, you now have plenty of time to get the players needed until the update comes.

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