KiO Week Season 409

Here we are at the end of season 409!

While we are busy with some important updates to our other game, Railroad Manager, we of course won’t miss to inform you about this weekend’s ruby special. So, for each purchased pack, you get 3 free ruby extra until monday, midnight CEST.

And now for something completely different. As you know, we ask you for your opinion on certain topics of our game from time to time. Today it’s again time for another survey! This survey’s topic is the rock-paper-scissors system, because we receive lots of totally different input from you, like: “That’s not football, it’s trying to read another one’s thoughts!” or “Why the heck did I loose, I played the correct formation?”. So here’s your opportunity to tell us what you think. Just answer the brief questions and we’ll see what the results are!

Enter the survey here!

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