KiO Week: Season 390

Welcome to this issue of KiO Week – and it’s update preview time!

The next update will come on April 29. It’s not a large update (the next one will be). In short, here are the new features:

– Players currently not in your setup, but saved in any assistant coach’s setup, are marked with a new icon

– For newbies with eh … problems with their cash flow, so-called bankruptcy, there will be a new repair worker in the premium shop who repairs all buildings in one go. This worker does nothing on building sites of new buildings!

– Vibration alarm before tournament, league and cup matches (in tournaments, only before the first round match). This allows you for example to join a tournament, then put your device into your pocket, and as soon as you feel the game (ha ha) you know the action kicks off. Also the vibration reminds you about your league matches. This feature of course can be turned off in the profile screen.

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