KiO Week: Season 385

Welcome to another issue of KiO Week !

Today we’ll focus on shot qualitites, but before let’s have a look at this weekend’s special: Ah, right, you’ll get 3 extra ruby for each pack purchase!

Now, as you propably know, shot qualities are derived from player strengths. Whenever a player shoots, the shot strength is a number below or above his strength, and on average it’s exactly the strength. That said, there are some modifications. Players on other positions than attackers get a malus. Players with low morale also get a malus. But how to get a bonus?

First, there’s the obvious one: Increase the player’s strength. Either with a boost item or, for superstitious players, using mascots. A striker with strength 120 will produce shots with strength 120 on average!

Second, there are two scenarios where the player gets a bonus: Header specialists get a bonus when fed with crossings. There shot quality also is position independant, so a center back header can also have a high shot strength. And conter ace specialists get a bonus when they finish a counter attack. Note that this bonus is NOT granted during a normal shot. This even applies to shots after deadly passes by playmakers. As you know, playmakers mostly try to reach aces, but the only bonus is that there is no interference by a defender. A playmaker passing to a superstitious striker with high bonus is a good example.

Now, we wish you many great goals!

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