KiO Week: Season 384

Welcome to another issue of KiO Week, and this week is a close one, especially in the clan championship, where VKV currently is in the lead – but most championships are not finished, so be aware of GVV being only 200 points behind.

You might have noticed that we currently have a troll – a user who constantly registers new teams with well known names (from both reality and the KiO world). Actually he is already banned, but he keeps changing his device ID, so we need to ban him again once he does that. We have no idea what his intent is, but of course you can trust us that we keep such guys out of the game.

News from the simulation

There has actually been a small change which we introduced for testing purposes but it turned out it works well, so we gonna keep it. It’s all about crossing and playmaker specialists. Those guys kept playing crosses and passes even if their team was in the lead as if no goals would have been scored so far. We now aligned this behaviour to that of all other players. This means that once you are in the lead by a couple of goals, say 4:0 or 5:1, the number of crossings and deadly passes played is decreased. This avoids very high results like 7:0 or 8:0 which were actually way too high. Note that close games are not affected at all, only a couple of very high results will vanish.

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