KiO Week: Season 383

KiO News Thursday Night!?

Yes, because this weekend’s special needs to start on the first day of the new month. It affects the Player Packs: As you know, those contain one guaranteed 100% platinum specialist and one player who normally is far worse and finds himself on the transfer list without ever wearing your team’s colors. This weekend, we are going to replace that player by a secons 100% guaranteed platinum specialist. This special lasts until monday. Please read the pack description closely to make sure you get the pack with the two platinum specialists!

The Validity of Enlightenments

As you know, we found that the +13 enlightenments are a little bit to strong, so we replaced them by +10 versions some time ago. Of course that change would make no sense at all if we kept the old ones forever in the game. So we are going to remove them, but don’t worry: If you still have a couple you have plenty of time to use them. So you might want to add the following information to your calendar:

Old (non platinum) treasure chests will stop spawning +13 enlightenments after march, 31st. On april 1st, all remaining +13 enlightenments will get may 31st as validity date.

In other words: If you want old enlightenments, open your non platinum chests until march, 31st. And you have to use your +13 enlightenments until may 31st. This means that shortly afterwards, the time of +13 bonus for superstitious players will be over. Oh those good times! Well, nowadays headers and crossing players also build a strategy worth trying!

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