KiO Week: Update 8.7

It’s update weekend!

We already announced the new features of the next version (Android, Windows), but here’s a roundup for you:

When you search the transfer market, you can add a price range. The top lists are extended by a national cup winners list. In the inventory, items of the same type (like mascots) are shown next to each other and sorted by their names. Bad news is, that we close the league chats because of too many people not knowing what the netiquette is. We simply don’t have the human resources to handle all those complaints and discuss with people why a posting was inacceptable. Now the good news, especially for teams not considered absolute top of the world: Starting next season, clan scores are extended from 5 to 8 league places (place 6: 30 points, place 7: 20, place 8: 10). And one last hint: Due to security restrictions introduced by Google, the new version will require Android 4+ and thus will not run on 2.3 or other older versions.

Time for some numbers

Do you like numbers like I do? For example 1729. This is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways: 1729 = 1³ + 12³ = 9³ + 10³. That said, here are even more numbers, more relevant for our game:

Total balance of all active teams: K$ 3.916.151.510.413

Total number of simulated matches: 109.844.848

Size of the server logfile from feb, 21th: 440.522.586 Bytes

Size of the KiO database: ca 777 Gigabytes

RAM size of the KiO server application plus database engine: ca 5,6 GByte

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