KiO Week: Season 381

Another season is reaching its final stage. The clan championship is still quite open – only 200 points between the first four teams. This will surely change as soon as the first championships are complete.

Let’s have a look at the newbie section! In the Gold league, Lightning United CF is in the lead. This team already made it into a well known clan, OBC. And he already scored 9 clan points. Not bad for a beginner!

The magic 100

This weekend we are again going to add some of the beloved strength 100 specialists to the transfer market. So keep your eyes open, and make sure to bring a towel to wipe up your tears when you see the initial prices. But hey, yes the prices are crazy, but to be honest, what else do you need your billions for? Invest in bitcoins? Ha ha. Better buy that strength 100 cat!

Have a great weekend and may the ball be with you!

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