KiO Week: Season 379

Season 379 is coming to an end, and don’t say it’s boring. In Germany, a team named Didiziti leads and could win his first champions title ever. The main rival is well-known FC Flummi 1909 Let’s see who will make it!

Some time ago we changed the random control algorithm of the simulation. Of course we monitored the figures of all matches and found that the rate of surprises still is at 8 percent, sensations at 1 percent. Also, the stone-scissors-rock ratios still show desired values, so guessing the correct counter formation makes up roughly 10 points of strength difference.

The next update is scheduled for end of this month. It will bring a couple of minor improvements and suggestions from the community which waited for some time. We will add a list of recent league cup winners to the top lists, we will fix the sorting in the inventory (making mascots appear one above another) and add an option to restrict transfer market searches to K$ thresholds.

More is to come, but for now have a great weekend and a successful season final!

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