Rocky road to 2018

Welcome to the new year! And welcome to a new year of Kick it out!

We start this year with an important change suggested by the community: It affects the “Temple of Football” stadium. As you know, it used to produce rock concert items with a propability of 1 percent in each home match. Due to this low percentage, there was absolutely no guarantee that you got at least 1 concert for 100 home matches. It could take 200 or even 300 (or 50 or 30) – the lower a propability is, the higher the random variance. To change this, we now introduced a rock concert collectible card. You now get one of those with 11 percent propability after each home match, which also equals 1 rock concert in 100 home matches, but because of the higher percentage you will more often see that your Football temple is actually working!

Moreover, as this weekend’s special for ALL of you, EACH team gets a free rock concert collectible after 33 matches!

Note that you need the latest update from Google Play to see the correct name of the new collectible. Older versions will just display it as “Collectible”, but activating will work.

So now go playing and rocking the happy new year!

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