December Update Preview #3

Additionally to the new stadiums and the new platinum treasure chest, there will be the following minor changes on saturday’s December Update.

Teams in your clan will be shown in light yellow in the tournament schedule. This is a suggestion from the community.

Also, you wished to reduce the strength of the top bot teams. According to this, all bot teams with strength above 89 will be reduced on saturday evening.

And the last change is an improvement to the analysis function. Starting saturday evening, it will identify and show in the match report two special cases: First if a team won due to header goals and the opponent had no defensive header, second if the loser team had players on wrong positions (like DM on center back positions). You cannot see that from the shown strength value, but it’s often crucial for the result, so it’s important to know.

The app update for Android will be available saturday evening, the Windows version also around that time. Please note one important fact: Stadiums and the platinum chest need to be activated on the server. We will announce this in the ingame newsticker. Please do not purchase Season Packs or exchange 11 treasure collectibles before the announcement if you want platinum chests!

We look forward to this update and we’re sure you’ll like it very much.

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