December Update Preview: New stadiums!

The december update will be published this saturday evening, and it will introduce new stadiums to build!

There will be three new stadiums. All count as level 6 stadiums, so they can be built if you have the Arena (level 5) and have the cash and minimum level (23 or higher).

The threee stadiums can be built alternatively. This means that you can replace one of them by another at any time, of course paying the building cost.

Of course the new stadiums are quite expensive, both in building cost and upkeep, but they not only see more fans, they come with a bonus. The “Blue Arena” (top) gives you additional collectibles with a certain propability for each home win. The “Top Star Arena” (above, looks a bit like Wembley) reduces exhaustion for all teams playing there. And the “Temple of Football” (below) gives you free Rock Concert items with a certain propability.

All those new stadiums are obviously made for power gamers, as their abilities only make sense if you play many many games. But they also look nice on your home screen, and your opponents will of course also see your stadium if they play in it. So there are plenty of reasons to try the new stadiums. Also, since we now have the technical basics, we can add more new stadiums in the future easily. I am sure you will come up with great ideas, and we are looking forward hearing them.

For now, let’s have fun with the next update!

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