December Update Preview #1

Welcome to the first december update preview!

KiO 8.6, scheduled for release on december 10th, will be the last but largest update this year.

One important change is this thing here:

Any new treasure chests you get from the date of the update will be platinum! Existing treasure chests remain unchanged until further notice, which means their content also remains unchanged. The new chests may contain one of four items: An improved specialist training which allows you to choose player and specialist, the previously tested Protein Diet Boost for non superstitious players (will give +4 for 5 days, no “best before date”), the well known magic shoes and the Enlightenment boost, but changed to +10. This improves balancing for a) the treasure chest itself because the values of the items inside are better balanced, and b) superstitious players are too strong, so they need to be cut down a bit (by 3 points), while non superstitious players can be improved with the new protein boost. We think that this is good for most of the teams.

Note that all existing items remain unchanged, thus existing Enlightenments stay at +13, existing brown chests keep emitting them, and old specialist training item also remain unchanged. The new ones are marked with “selective” in your inventory. As always, discontinued items remain unchanged, but will be removed after a couple of months. More information on this will follow next year.

Of course that’s not all. The December update will also bring several minor and three very large improvements – to be undisclosed next week 🙂 See you then!

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