All about update 8.5

The latest update 8.5 is now available on Google Play, soon also on the Amazon Store and for Windows.

Hope you already enjoy your League Cup this season, as they are the only new feature in this version! Most details about the new League Cups have already been published. You might want to head over to the new Wiki page to read everything about them.

The most noteworthy stuff is here: Starting season 367, League Cup winners will get a trophy, prestige and payout (little bit less than the league champion gets). Also, the cup winner scores 100 points for his clan. Important: This replaces the scoring from the Regional Cups. As many teams cannot join those location based tournaments, we decided that scoring for the clan championship with them is not appropriate anymore. Instead, the 100 points score for each League Cup has the potential to completely change the clan championship table each saturday afternoon! Note that the Regional Cup North Europe is planned to be switched off this sunday. RC South Europe will be the last remaining RC outside of germany for the time being.

There are two new achievements for winning 1/10/100 League Cups and for winning 3/10/20 different League Cups. They will be shown in your list from sunday on.

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