League Cups started!

Today we started the first league cups ever in our game!

Here’s how it works:

1. You need the latest Android version to see your League Cup

2. When you join a 1st – 3rd division of any league (except Beginner League) you are automatically registered for that league’s League Cup.

3. League Cups run with 64 teams and 6 rounds or 128 teams and 7 rounds (currently only German and World League). The finals are saturday 17:30 CET. The other rounds are schedules between the first and second league match each day (except on sunday if you have only 6 rounds)

4. Currently you cannot view other League Cups than your own. This will change in the next update.

5. If a league is tactics emphasized, its League Cup also is.

6. The draw for round 1 is 5 minutes after the league matches are scheduled.

7. As season 366 is a test season for League Cups, there is no trophy or other scores for the winner. This will be changed with the next update.

Hope you have fun in the new competition!

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