KiO Week Season 424

It’s christmas time, and this means we can now announce our xmas specials!

They will all be about playing and collecting things, finding one of 6 different xmas tree items each match with a certain propability.

As said before there are 6 different items of different rarity, and you can exchange 11 same items to get a free useful item for your team. Which item depends on rarity.

This special starts on december 24th (midnight CET) and is held until december 27th (midnight).

But that’s not all. There will also be a new year special, starting immediately when the xmas specials ends, running until january 1nd (midnight). There are different fireworks items to collect and different items to win.

Note that you need update 9.2.2 to have the items displayed correctly in your app, and be aware that they appear on the paperworks tab, as they are technically differently looking collectibles.

We wish you a great time until christmas!

KiO Week 422: December Update

The KiO December update is now available. It is mandatory for the support of the new Season Pack Winter 2018 and bringt bugfixes for Android 8 devices.

This pack contains one strength 100 playmaker specialist (def or off midfield is random) with a +7 worldstar boost attached. Important: Worldstar boosts are reduced by 1 automatically each season change (during sunday nights). Other than that, worldstar boosts are like any other boost. The vanish when the player is sold and they can be replaced by other boosts. So as soon as the worldstar boost drops down to +3, you could replace it with a Protein boost if desired.

The pack also introduces the Videoparty item. If you activate this item, you get a special challenge (if you have a challenge you cannot activate the videoparty): You are requested to score a number of special goals in only one hour. If and only if you achieve this, your team gets a morale +5 bonus. Of course the morale cannot exceed the limit of 10 (or 11 with the right coach). So plan exactly when you want to run your party!

December update also adds a list of league cups you played just beside the list of your leagues.

If you like the new items, drop us a note. (If you don’t, yeah, why not, tell us, too). The Season Pack Winter 2018 is currently limited until december 31st. It totally depends on your feedback what happens afterwards.

Hey and don’t forget it’s december 1st, so go and check your advent calendar!

KiO Week: Season 421

As you noticed, we started another poll asking how the win chances in the paper scissors rock system should be. We keep that poll running for another while, but we can already see a clear tendency towards a clear majority (50%) for the option 70:30. We will give the poll another week, the we will start to adjust the simulation accordingly, but in a first phase only in our laboratory. As christmas is approaching fast, we are only willing to do changes to the game early next year, on january 6th earliest. We will need one season to further adjust the values in real life, so we can expect stable values as desired for the season starting on january 13th. We will also reorganize the league system at the beginning of the year, with continental tactical emphasis leagues and non-tactical national leagues. This also means that some nation leagues will be closed, and we are currently discussing very insensively which ones. Thanks for your patience!

Update delayed

The december update KiO 9.2 will be delayed for one week. There are three main reasons for this. Some testers found bugs in the beta, the app experiences crashes on Android 8 devices, and last but not least the update mostly brings features supporting items in the revamped Season Pack, but we can only change pack contents properly on first days of a month. Thatfor KiO 9.2 will come on friday, november 30th, and the new winter season pack will arrive on december 1st, midnight CET. Note that this also means that the current season pack will vanish, so if you want to have one or two, make sure you get them before the pack is removed on november 30th (around noon).

Advent calendar

As in each year, we are again bringing the beloved Advent Calender to you. You can get the item from the shop soon. You can use it once a day from december 1st to december 24th and it will give you a free item each day. Each day brings a different item, so that’s a lot of christmas time fun!

New rock paper scissors poll

Today we ask you what the odds should be to win with the right rock paper scissors formation. Although the poll is in german, we are sure you can read it, as only the numbers inside are of importance.

We added the strength difference the odds make up, so for example 90:10 odds of 541 beating 433 mean that the formation equals out a strength difference of no less than 25 points.

The last option reads “leave everything as is”. That said, you are propably aware of the fact that currently different counter formations have very varying odds between 90:10 and 60:40. We have the feeling that most players wish that all odds should be roughly in the same region, so the last option neglects this.

Here comes the link:
go to poll

KiO Week Season 414

We have some important news to share, so it’s time for another issue of KiO Week.

Pot B

Today we introduce a “pot b” for all elimination (KO) tournaments. All bot teams are put into that pot before the draw of the first round, and the result is that in that round a bot plays a non-bot team whenever possible. This means that no real team can reach a final match just by beating bots while other teams have to play other real opponents in all rounds. We are introducing this today for standard tournaments and on sunday for the league cups. This is an improvement suggested by the community.

Furthermore, this allows us to give 50 clan score points to the loser of league cup finals. We did not do this until now, because sometimes the loser of the final had only beaten bots or low strength teams, but in the future that cannot happen anymore due to the “pot b” draw. We are sure you like this change.

Autumn Cup

Summer is gone, say welcome to autumn! So we’re going to start a large tournament special today running until october 18th: Join the Autumn cup and win a free training camp! To give not-so-strong teams a chance, the tournaments are held with random max strength values. Have fun!

KiO Week Season 412

Another season is about to end, and very soon we’ll have our KiO 9.1 update weekend!

You already know that there will be a new building, the underground parking with train station and a minor change to defensive headers. I’d like to stress that this really is a minor change which will have impact on a low number of matches only (when you play a team with many headers and crossing specialists).

There’s another addition which was on the wishlist of many of you for quite some time: We are going to introduce the list of league cup winners per league, just alongside the existing list of champions.

The Android app version 9.1 is scheduled for release saturday afternoon, the Windows version will be available during the next days, as we cannot specify exactly when Microsoft is done with their review. Note that the change to the headers is server-side only and will be switched early sunday morning (CEST), so after the season ended and before the new league season starts.

KiO Week 410: September Update Preview

Time for another update preview! KiO 9.1 is scheduled for sept, 22.

This update features two changes, one of which is more or less game independent. And yellow.

What you see here is an improved version of the large parking deck (screenshot from a tablet). You will be able to upgrade it to a underground parking with tram station. The tram is of course animated, but the line is only active before a match (when the fans approach your stadium). This building has no further influence on the game, so no free items, no better players, no less sensations. It’s just a more modern building, so build it if you like and don’t if not.

The more important change affects crossings.

That’s right, we are going to do another very small change to the simulation. As with the last update which introduced the Hammer specialists, we are sure that this is a good thing for the game and will not brake any tactics or formations. The motivation for the change is that it does not matter how many crossing and header specialists you have, your opponent can stop them with just one defensive header specialist. So up to seven specialists are nearly completely countered by one. We think that this is not good balancing, so we are going to change it. Starting with the KiO 9.1 update, defensive headers will only stop a certain amount of crossings played. For most matchups, this will not change anything, as most opponents simply do not play that many crossings. Or you win anyway because of higher strength, morale or chosen formation.

But, given equal formations, strength and morale, and an opponent with many crossing and header specialists, you will need two defensive header specialists to stop as many crossings as now stopped with one. This is especially interesting for 343 vs. 343, because in 343 you have not the option to add a second Center Back header (def midfield headers are not counted as defense in this formation). So 343 will become vulnerable to 343 with many crossings. There is more to find out, but we can asure you that in most matches you will not experience any difference, as we did lots of tests. But if you like to try the new options, you now have plenty of time to get the players needed until the update comes.

KiO Week Season 409

Here we are at the end of season 409!

While we are busy with some important updates to our other game, Railroad Manager, we of course won’t miss to inform you about this weekend’s ruby special. So, for each purchased pack, you get 3 free ruby extra until monday, midnight CEST.

And now for something completely different. As you know, we ask you for your opinion on certain topics of our game from time to time. Today it’s again time for another survey! This survey’s topic is the rock-paper-scissors system, because we receive lots of totally different input from you, like: “That’s not football, it’s trying to read another one’s thoughts!” or “Why the heck did I loose, I played the correct formation?”. So here’s your opportunity to tell us what you think. Just answer the brief questions and we’ll see what the results are!

Enter the survey here!

KiO Week Season 406

Summer is still here! And so the Hot Summer Cup returns for another great weekend!

But also the “real” (if that’s relevant for you) seasons are due to start, so we changed the reward for the Hot Summer Cup winners to a Training Camp!

Have a nice weekend!

KiO Week Season 405

It’s hot in Germany! But of course I’m willing to just leave the pool for a couple of minutes to write this news for you.

Time for some refreshing summer boosts!

This weekend we are running the Hot Summer Cup (during daylight time in europe). Winners get one free +2 summer boost (increases player strength by 2 for 1 day)! The tournament is limited to strength 99 so not only the top teams have good chances to win.

And now back into the POOL!